Upgrade from GeoLite2

Many of our customers use GeoLite2 products in order to test our services, and it's easy to upgrade. We recommend this approach.

How to upgrade

GeoLite2 data is in the same format as GeoIP2 data, and it uses the same integration methods. In that regard, the GeoIP2 databases are essentially drop-in replacements for the free GeoLite2 databases, and the GeoIP2 web services can be used in place of the GeoLite2 web services by updating the URI in your GeoLite2 queries. You can learn more about integrating the proper URI for your web service on our developer portal.

Benefits of upgrading

There are a number of benefits to upgrading from GeoLite2. The differences between GeoLite2 and GeoIP2 are:

GeoLite2 accuracy

We incorporate additional data sources when generating GeoIP2 data, so even when both GeoIP2 and GeoLite2 have updated on the same day, the commercial GeoIP2 database is more accurate. Learn more about IP geolocation accuracy.

GeoLite2 data available

While GeoIP2 products and web services may contain IP intelligence data on networks, anonymizers, and user context, GeoLite2 databases and web services do not contain IP intelligence data except for the autonomous system number. Learn more about the autonomous system number in our IP intelligence data.

GeoLite2 support

Because GeoIP2 databases and web services use the same integration methods and have largely the same data structure and format. You can learn how to use GeoLite2 by reading our knowledge base and developer documentation for GeoIP2 products and services. For further assistance with GeoLite2 issues, please refer to StackOverflow's GeoIP threads.

We do not provide official support for GeoLite2 databases and web services, and our support team cannot provide help with integration or other issues.

GeoLite2 price

For many purposes, GeoLite2 is free. GeoLite2 commercial redistribution licenses are also affordable. The price of GeoIP2 products and services depend on the kind of data you need. You can learn more about our IP geolocation data offerings, and our IP intelligence data offerings, and you can find pricing information on our main website.

GeoLite2 licensing

GeoLite2 and GeoIP2 license agreements both require that:

The GeoLite2 license allows you to use GeoLite2 data in products and services with attribution to MaxMind. Learn more about the GeoLite2 license agreement. If you want to use GeoLite2 in products and services without attribution, you can purchase a GeoLite2 commercial redistribution license. Learn more about the GeoLite2 commercial redistribution license.

The online end user license agreement for GeoIP2 products and services is more restrictive in some cases than the GeoLite2 license, and less restrictive in others. GeoIP2 databases can only be used for internal restricted business purposes without a commercial license, while GeoIP2 web services can be used for commercial purposes without attribution. Learn more about the online end user license agreement.

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