Correct GeoIP2 Data

In the event that the data we have represented for a particular IP address is not accurate, we can accept a correction request. We do our best to filter through all requests and apply them within a week if they are approved.

You can submit data corrections on our main website.

Correct the location of an IP network

You can submit a location correction on our main website. You can also learn about corrections we do not accept below, and learn more about IP geolocation accuracy to understand why an IP network may return a location that you might not expect based on your knowledge or use of the IP address.

Correct our IP intelligence data

You can submit a correction for the ISP or organization of an IP address or network on our main website. You can also learn more about ISP and organization data.

If you would like to submit a correction for any other IP intelligence data (for example, connection type or anonymizer status), please email us at You can also learn more about the different kinds of IP intelligence data.

You can also learn about corrections we do not accept below.

Batch corrections

If you have more than 20 location corrections, we may accept a batch corrections file (.csv or .txt file) that conforms to the specifications outlined by the Internet Engineering Task Force. We’ve published a tool that validates the format of the file, according to these specifications, on our GitHub page.

Please email us at if you’d like to submit a batch correction.

Corrections we do not accept

There are some common reasons that we may not accept a correction:

  • We may reject small, typographical corrections to an ISP or Organization's name.
  • Our databases provide the location of the end users of an IP address or range. This may correspond to the whois country, but not necessarily. The registered_country output data in our GeoIP2 products and services indicates the country in which the ISP has registered the IP address. This output should typically correspond to the whois country.
  • If you are attempting to correct your own IP address, it may be frequently reallocated or shared with other people who are spread out over a large geographic area. Learn more about how we handle these situations as they relate to geolocation accuracy.

Corrections schedule

Generally, all corrections submitted by the cut-off times indicated below will be reviewed for possible inclusion in the next release. Learn more about the database release schedule.

For GeoIP and GeoLite databases updated weekly:

  • By the end of our business hours on Friday for inclusion in the following Tuesday release.

For GeoIP databases updated twice weekly:

  • By the end of our business hours on Wednesday for inclusion in the Friday release.
  • By the end of our business hours on Friday for inclusion in the following Tuesday release.

Corrections status

We will send you a confirmation email if your correction request is accepted. We only send one of this kind of email in a 24 hour period, so if you have several corrections accepted, you will only receive a confirmation for the first accepted correction.

We ask that you please allow 1-2 business days for submitted requests to be reviewed by our team.

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