Geolocation Coverage

GeoIP2 geolocation databases and web services cover nearly all public IPs in use, worldwide, even those in Antarctica. This includes IPv4 as well as IPv6 addresses. We can not return data for IPs which are inactive, reserved, private, or anycast. As an example, IP address is used by each computer to refer to itself, so no geolocation data is available or applicable.

In addition to these special IPs, there are rare or unusual cases where an IP is otherwise not identifiable on a country-level. For example, if the IP address has end-users spread across multiple countries. In the event that our databases or web services do not return at least country-level data, that nearly always indicates that the IP is associated with some sort of proxy, or has submitted a valid Do Not Sell My Personal Information request. Learn more about anonymous IP detection offered by GeoIP2 products and services.

Our data team works hard to keep our coverage up. We are always glad to review IPs to ensure our data coverage is as complete as and accurate as we can make it. Please reach out to our support team if you have questions about coverage. You can also learn how to submit a data correction request.


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