Data Privacy Requests

We maintain a number of web forms for individuals to submit data privacy requests including to Opt-Out of data collection or Do Not Sell my information requests. For the most up to date information about these privacy requests, other data privacy rights you may have, and other relevant contact information for MaxMind, please refer to our full privacy policy on our main website.

To request the deletion of your personal data under any legislation, please complete this form: Personal Data Deletion Request and Verification.

Below is a summary of our web forms:

Legislation Web form
GDPR (European Union)
GDPR (United Kingdom) 
CCPA (California, United States)  
  Right to Know
  Right to Opt-Out
  Right to Delete
Nevada, United States
LGPD (Brazil)
PIPL (China)

Learn more about how MaxMind handles data subject requests.

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