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The minFraud service is a transaction risk API for assessing the likelihood of fraud in online transactions. Learn more about what kinds of transactions minFraud can be used to score.

The minFraud service assesses the risk associated with transaction data like IP, email, credit card, device, physical address, and more, to return a risk score and risk data that can be used to automate transaction approval/denial and provide resources for your fraud prevention team.

MaxMind offers three minFraud services: minFraud Score, minFraud Insights, and minFraud Factors. All three services share the following features:

In addition to the above features, minFraud Insights and minFraud Factors also return additional risk data and risk scores.

Learn more about risk data, which is returned by minFraud Insights and minFraud Factors.

Learn more about risk factor scores, which are returned exclusively by minFraud Factors.

  minFraud Score minFraud Insights minFraud Factors
Transaction inputs
Custom inputs
Custom rules
Risk score
IP risk factor score
IP risk reasons  
Risk data  
All risk factor scores    
Price per query $0.005 $0.015 $0.02

You can additionally refer to our side-by-side comparison chart, listing all outputs and inputs for these three service types. You can also view price and feature comparisons on our main website.


Every merchant's risk profile is different, so you may wish to start testing with minFraud Insights, to determine if our risk data is helpful for your fraud analysis. Learn more about risk data.

If you find that you typically only need the risk score and the IP risk score, you can switch from minFraud Insights to minFraud Score to save on costs. Learn more about the risk score, and the IP risk score.

If you find that you'd like a deeper understanding of the risk factors that went into the risk score, you can get access to our risk factor scores by using minFraud Factors. Learn more about risk factor scores.


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