Sandbox Capabilities

The MaxMind Sandbox behaves similarly to the regular MaxMind account portal and web services, with some noteworthy differences. For example, if you try to lookup IPs or submit transactions to the GeoIP or minFraud web services in the Sandbox environment, you must use special test data. Learn more about:

Basic API testing in the MaxMind Sandbox Environment

Testing the minFraud and GeoIP web services is the main purpose of the MaxMind Sandbox:

In addition, you may want to test the behavior of the web services when your account does not have service credit, or with different versions of minFraud:

Account and Product testing in the MaxMind Sandbox Environment

In addition to testing the web services, there are a number of functions that you can test through the MaxMind Sandbox, and, with the exceptions noted below, they should work in the same basic way on the Sandbox versus the live site.

When you are logged in to the Sandbox environment, a banner will appear at the top of the account portal:


On the Sandbox you can perform the following functions. The links below will take you to the documentation about how to use the feature on our live site, and the instructions should be the same on the Sandbox.

Account Functions

Billing Functions

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