Sandbox for the minFraud services

The Sandbox version of the minFraud services do not use the minFraud scoring engine. They are not appropriate for evaluating the effectiveness of minFraud’s risk scoring, but instead for testing basic technical behaviors of the web services.

MaxMind customers can test certain aspects of the web services through our Sandbox environment. You must first have set up an account in our Sandbox environment. Learn how to create a Sandbox account.

Once you create your Sandbox environment, you can test the minFraud services as you would in production, using special input to generate specific responses. You can learn more below about:

Testing transaction submissions through the Account Portal on the Sandbox

Most customers will likely prefer to use the Sandbox for testing their integration through the API, as explained below, but you can also submit a test transaction through the account portal and see the response. Transaction history is not stored for the Sandbox versions of the web services, so some of the features of account portal may not work as expected.

To submit a transaction query to the minFraud Sandbox, first set up the Sandbox environment for your account, then login to the Sandbox here and click on the “Query Form” link in the minFraud section of the left-hand navigation menu [direct link, Sandbox account login required].

When submitting a transaction to the Sandbox version of the minFraud service, you should only use the specific test data detailed below. You should never use real customer data in the Sandbox.

You can also turn on “Out Of Credit” mode to test the behavior of the account portal when you don’t have enough service credit for additional transaction queries. Learn more about Out Of Credit mode for the Sandbox.

Testing transaction submissions through the API on the Sandbox

Once an account administrator has set up your Sandbox environment and granted you access, you can integrate your applications with and submit transactions to the minFraud service Sandbox APIs just as you would with your regular account.

To integrate with the API in the Sandbox environment, you will need to create a license key using your Sandbox account. You can login to the Sandbox and generate a license key for your Sandbox account [direct link, Sandbox account login required].

You can learn more about the process of creating a license key. The process is the same in the Sandbox environment.

Learn more about integrating with the Sandbox minFraud service via API on our developer portal.

The Sandbox version of the minFraud service will not attempt to score your transactions, however there are special inputs that will trigger different risk scores and IP risk scores as outputs for testing purposes. Consult the table below for an explanation of test data for the minFraud services in the Sandbox environment.

Test data for the Sandbox minFraud service

When you submit data to the Sandbox version of the minFraud services, you may only submit approved test data. At this time, the only approved test data that can be submitted are three IP addresses. This means that every test transaction should have the IP address input using one of the three IPs listed below.

Transactions submitted with any of the test IPs should return a valid minFraud response that contains risk scores and risk data. In addition, the IP risk score for these test IPs will always fall within the ranges listed below:

Test IP Address Input Test IP Risk Score Output 40 - 99 5 - 39.99 0.01 - 4.99

Please note that the Sandbox environment may not return all the risk data that the minFraud service would return, and the risk scores and risk data it does return will not be accurate. The Sandbox environment should be used for basic integration testing, to confirm that you are passing inputs in a valid format and that you are able to process the basic format of minFraud responses.

Learn more about the kinds of outputs you can expect to receive from real minFraud transactions.

You should not submit real transaction data to the Sandbox version of the minFraud services, but you can submit transactions with dummy data.

Test Legacy versions of the minFraud services using the Sandbox

If you are minFraud Legacy user, you can use the Sandbox to test your Legacy integration as well.

See the documentation on our developer portal for more information.

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