GeoIP Web Service Pricing

GeoIP web services are priced per-query, every time your account is used to lookup an IP address:

Service Cost per Query
GeoIP Country web service
Purchase on our main website.
GeoIP City Plus web service
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GeoIP Insights web service
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Paying for GeoIP web services

Each of the web services has a different cost per query, but all queries (including minFraud queries) are paid for using a general MaxMind service credit. This means that you may purchase service credit and then use that credit for any of the three tiers of GeoIP web service, or any of the tiers of the minFraud web service, interchangeably. Learn more about how to purchase MaxMind service credit.

You can also set up your account to automatically recharge your service credit when it reaches a particular threshold, so that you don’t run out of credit due to an unexpected spike in traffic. Learn more about how to set up auto-recharge.

GeoIP web service costs exceeding estimates

If you find that you are spending more than expected on MaxMind service credit for GeoIP web services, you should ensure that your GeoIP web service integration is optimized to meet your needs and that it is functioning correctly:

If the GeoIP web services are exceeding your cost estimates because your volume is increasing, you may want to consider switching to a subscription-based pricing model for one or more of our GeoIP databases, which can be queried as many times as you would like for a flat fee.

Learn more about how GeoIP web services and GeoIP databases compare in terms of pricing.

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