GeoIP Database Pricing

Most of our GeoIP databases are available for self-serve purchase for internal restricted business purposes directly through our main website. If you are using the GeoIP database(s) for commercial use cases (those that fall outside of allowed internal restricted business purposes), or if you would like to purchase one of our premium GeoIP databases, you will need to reach out to our sales team.

Most of our customers use our GeoIP databases for internal restricted business purposes, and purchase with self-serve pricing.

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GeoIP databases self-serve pricing

GeoIP databases purchased under the self-serve model for internal restricted business purposes are priced for one-month single purchases, or subscriptions that renew monthly or yearly.

Learn more about the internal restricted business purposes that are permitted for self-serve purchase of the databases.

Our GeoIP databases are competitively priced:

Product Cost per Month of Access Cost per Year of Access
GeoIP Country Database
Purchase on our main website.
$34 $408
GeoIP City Database
Purchase on our main website.
$134 $1608
GeoIP ISP Database
Purchase on our main website.
$44 $528
GeoIP Domain Name Database
Purchase on our main website.
$34 $408
GeoIP Connection Type Database
Purchase on our main website.
$124 $1488

You can learn more about the differences between our geolocation and IP intelligence products.

Premium GeoIP databases and commercial use case pricing

Two of our GeoIP databases are not sold under the self-serve model (links to product pages on our main website):

In addition, you cannot purchase under the self-serve model if you are purchasing a GeoIP database for commercial use cases.

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When you need a commercial license

If you are using one of our databases, the online End User License Agreement (EULA) only covers what we call “internal restricted business purposes.”

The internal restricted business purposes in our online EULA cover a lot of different applications, so it’s easier to say what you can’t do with MaxMind data under the EULA than to describe everything you can do.

In short, you can’t use MaxMind databases with the EULA if you plan to:

  • use MaxMind databases in, or to support, any business-to-business product, service, or platform;
  • or sell or display MaxMind databases or the extracted data points in any form to people outside of your company or organization.

Learn more about internal restricted business purposes for our online EULA.

If either or both of the above sound like your use case, you will probably need a commercial license to use MaxMind’s databases. Learn more about commercial licenses.

If you need a commercial license or you need help determining whether you need a commercial license, please reach out to one of our Enterprise associates through the contact form on our main website.

Pricing for commercial licenses and premium GeoIP databases

The prices listed on our website for GeoIP databases are for customers who are in compliance with the online EULA parameters and are able to agree to our online EULA.

We do not list prices on our website for our premium GeoIP databases or for commercial licenses. Prices for our premium GeoIP databases and commercial licenses for any GeoIP databases are negotiated with customers based on an individualized assessment of the proposed use case and other relevant information.

Premium GeoIP databases and commercial licenses for GeoIP databases are competitively priced for unlimited-volume applications of premium IP intelligence data and for commercial applications of accurate, reliable data on IP addresses.

Reach out to our sales team to request more information on commercial license pricing.

Commercial use cases and premium data without a custom agreement

If a custom agreement would be cumbersome to your business, or if the cost of a commercial license or premium database subscription is prohibitive, you may access our premium data or use GeoIP data for most commercial use cases through our affordable, self-serve GeoIP web services.

Learn more about GeoIP web services pricing, or how you may use the GeoIP web services under the online EULA.

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