Lookup IP Addresses in a Database

You can lookup IP addresses in MaxMind databases using our online demo, or by working directly with our databases.

If you are a current MaxMind user of GeoIP2 or GeoLite2 databases, you can:

If you are not a current MaxMind user, you can learn more about:

Lookup IPs in binary database files

The binary MMDB database format is the fastest and most efficient way to lookup IPs in MaxMind's data. You will need to use an API to lookup IPs in the binary databases.

If you are a current MaxMind user with download access to one or more databases, you can follow the guides on our developer portal to learn how to query the databases. The following resources may be helpful:

Import CSV files into your database

If you need to bring MaxMind data into your existing database, you will want to import data using the CSV files. You may also use the CSV files to manipulate the data more easily than the binary database files.

Our developer portal maintains tutorials on how to import our CSV files into the following database formats:

If you are trying to import CSV files into other database formats, the above tutorials may still be useful, as our developers discuss important considerations about how to optimize the data for faster searching.

Our developer portal also maintains documentation about the structure of the CSV files and, in some cases, contains example files that may be useful for testing your integration. You can learn more about the specific structure of the CSV files in our developer portal on the documentation page for the specific database you're interested in.

Use a free online demo of many GeoIP2 databases

If you aren't a MaxMind user yet, you might want to evaluate a few IP addresses for testing purposes, and to see the kind of data that is returned. You can lookup up to 25 IPs in the following GeoIP2 databases on our main website:

  • GeoIP2 Country database
  • GeoIP2 City database
  • GeoIP2 ISP database
  • GeoIP2 Domain database

Use GeoLite2

If you are testing your integration, evaluating data, or prefer the free, less accurate data, you can become a MaxMind user and lookup IPs in our free GeoLite2 databases without paying.

Learn how to sign up for GeoLite2 on our developer portal, or learn how you can use GeoLite2 data under the GeoLite2 License Agreement.

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