Terms of the MaxMind Affiliate Program

Generally, the MaxMind affiliate program rewards affiliates with a 10% commission on the lifetime revenue generated by referred customers, with some exceptions and qualifications.

Before applying to the affiliate program, you should consult the terms and conditions set forth in the affiliate program application. The terms in the application and in the affiliate program portal will govern your relationship with MaxMind. This article will provide a brief summary of how you can get qualified referrals, and how much money MaxMind will pay for referrals.

Getting referrals

Approved MaxMind affiliates will be able to use the affiliate portal to generate unique links to send their users and customers to MaxMind. If someone follows one of these links and signs up for an account through the MaxMind website, that account will be marked as having been referred by the specific affiliate who created the link. In cases where a prospective MaxMind customer uses links from more than one affiliate, the last affiliate link that is followed before account creation will be marked as the referrer of the account.

Payment for referrals 

MaxMind will pay a 10% commission on all qualified purchases made by a customer that you refer. The 10% commission is based on the sale price, so if a referred customer spends $100 per month on qualified purchases, MaxMind will pay $10 per month to the affiliate.

Qualified purchases are any purchases made through MaxMind's shopping cart system. The vast majority of our customers purchase through the shopping cart, but we do occasionally have customers who make their purchases through invoiced offline payments. We are unable to pay out a commission on purchases that do not use the shopping cart.

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