Types of MaxMind Affiliates

At this time, the MaxMind Affiliate program is only available to developers and organizations that build integrations that use MaxMind's databases and web services. Specifically, we welcome applications from:

At this time, we are not accepting applications from prospective content creators, influencers, or other kinds of advertisers.

Third-party developers

If you or your company produce plugins or integrations for popular technology platforms that benefit from IP geolocation or fraud detection, you are a good candidate for the MaxMind Affiliate Program.

For example, you might create any of the following:

  • a WordPress plugin for geoblocking or geolocation,
  • an integration for Linux servers that performs geoblocking or geolocation at the server, rather than the application level,
  • or a Shopify app for fraud detection and prevention.

If you're looking to develop applications or plugins that analyze IP traffic or help users to detect fraud, you may be interested in MaxMind's affiliate program. Learn more about how to get started developing with MaxMind's data.

Platform operators

If your company runs a platform for businesses, you may wish to add optional features for fraud detection, or features that use IP geolocation and IP intelligence data.

For example, if you run a storefront platform, you might want to allow your customers to use fraud detection and prevention services to help protect their transactions. If you run a platform for publishing content, you might want to allow your customers to see detailed analytics on web traffic, using IP geolocation and IP intelligence.

In this case, you have two options:

  1. Resell GeoIP and/or minFraud data
    Your company could be a customer of MaxMind, reselling MaxMind data to your customers. In this case, you would need to ensure that you have the proper license for your use case.

    If you are using MaxMind databases in your application, you will need a commercial license. Commercial licenses are more expensive than the standard internal-use subscription to a MaxMind database. Learn more about commercial licenses, or see an overview and contact our sales team to inquire about a commercial license for your specific use case on our main website.

    If you are using data from MaxMind (GeoIP or minFraud) web services, you have more flexibility under the standard Online End User License Agreement that most MaxMind customers sign, and you may resell that data without a custom commercial license. Learn more about how you can sell and use data from GeoIP web services and minFraud services under the standard Online End User License Agreement, or read the agreement on our main site.

    As a reseller of MaxMind data you can set your own price, potentially private labeling any products or services you create to present a more unified experience for your customers.

  2. Become a MaxMind Affiliate
    You can build your platform to have optional features that require or encourage your users to purchase data or services directly from MaxMind, and earn a 10% commission on the lifetime revenue of those customers for qualified purchases.

    In this case, you can build your platform to make it easy for your customers to purchase and use MaxMind data and services. Your customers would have to sign up as customers of MaxMind, generate a license key, and use that key in your platform to download or access MaxMind services.

    As a MaxMind affiliate, you gain a commission on all qualified purchases, but MaxMind controls the price of the products or services. You also do not need a custom commercial license in order to act as an affiliate. As customers of MaxMind, your users would receive support from MaxMind as they work to understand the data, or whenever they find issues with the data. Your users would look to your company for support with the integration of that data in your platform.

    Learn more about the terms of our affiliate program to see if this would be a good option.

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