Who is Covered by the GeoLite2 End User License Agreement

Anyone who uses the GeoLite2 databases or GeoLite2 web services is covered by the GeoLite2 End User License Agreement, unless you have a GeoLite2 Commercial Redistribution License, or a custom contract or other offline agreement with MaxMind that gives you additional rights to use GeoLite2 data. Learn more about the Commercial Redistribution License for GeoLite2.

You can read the full GeoLite2 End User License Agreement on our main website.

Some of the provisions in the GeoLite2 End User License Agreement include:

  • The GeoLite2 End User License Agreement incorporates aspects of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, including the requirement to provide attribution to MaxMind if you share the material with others. Learn more about attribution and selling GeoLite2 data.
  • If you share the GeoLite2 Databases or GeoLite Data with others, you need to hold others to the same or substantially similar requirements to those imposed on you in the GeoLite2 End User License Agreement. This includes the obligation to delete old GeoLite Databases, mentioned in the next bullet point.
  • You must maintain up to date data and destroy old versions of GeoLite2 databases. Learn more about the requirement to maintain up to date data.
  • You must not use, or encourage others to use, GeoLite2 data to locate specific people, households, or street addresses. Learn more about the restrictions on IP geolocation.

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