Test Databases and Lookup IPs

You can test GeoIP2 databases by reviewing their data, importing the CSV format data into a database platform, or building an integration using our MMDB format databases.

If you want to test a database integration before purchasing a database subscription, you can sign up for our free GeoLite2 databases, which are drag and drop replacements for our GeoIP2 geolocation databases. Learn more about GeoLite2 in our developer's documentation, and learn how to upgrade from GeoLite2 databases.

Test with a CSV format database

CSV (comma separated value) format databases are easy to use and manipulate with a variety of database and data analysis platforms. If you want to get an overview of the data and understand the structure of the database, this would be a good file format to work with. Learn more about database formats, and learn how to download databases.

Test a full integration

If you want to test a full integration of GeoIP2 data in your applications, you should use the MMDB format databases. This format is optimized for fast IP lookups, and we maintain a number of client APIs for working with our data in this format.

You can read the quick start guide in our developer's documentation to get started testing a full integration of GeoIP2 or GeoLite2 databases.

You can also learn about a command-line tool to query our databases and return data in JSON format in our developer documentation.

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