Extensions, Plugins, and Third-Party Integrations

There are a few third-party extensions, plugins, and integrations that have been built to work with the minFraud services. MaxMind doesn’t offer official support for third-party integrations, however a number of customers use plugins to integrate the minFraud service with Magento and WooCommerce.

Featured Third-Party Integrations

In order to be a featured integration, the integration must work with each of our minFraud web services (Score, Insights, and Factors). Learn more about the differences between the minFraud services. In addition, they must have integration for our minFraud Report Transaction API for fraud reporting. Learn more about reporting transactions.

If you are interested in having your minFraud service integration listed here, please contact us at partner@maxmind.com.


Platform Developer Link
Magento 2 Logo-Weltpixel-SVG-2.png Magento 2 MaxMind Fraud Prevention minFraud extension

The WeltPixel Magento 2 MaxMind Fraud Prevention minFraud plugin supports minFraud Score, Insights, and Factors. For assistance with integration and settings, please see the WeltPixel documentation, linked above. The section on “How To Configure Maxmind Fraud Prevention In Your Magento Store?” shows you how to select your preferred service type in the minFraud API Service field of the plugin’s settings.

Other Third-Party Integrations

These third-party integrations vary in their support for different levels of the minFraud service. If you’re using a third-party plugin that doesn’t yet integrate your preferred minFraud service type, please reach out to the developers of the plugin directly with a feature request.

WooCommerce and Other Plugins

We are not aware of a third-party plugin for WooCommerce that natively supports minFraud Insights or Factors at this time. Many of our customers integrate with the WooCommerce Anti-Fraud plugin, which integrates minFraud Score. Learn more about the differences between the minFraud services.


We unfortunately cannot provide support for third-party integrations (extensions, plugins, etc.) because platform-specific integration methods are created and maintained by third-party developers, completely outside of MaxMind, and we have neither visibility nor access to their systems.

For assistance with a third-party integration, we generally recommend either referring to the documentation provided by the plugin developer or contacting the plugin developer directly, as any advice we can offer will be inherently limited.

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