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MaxMind subtracts funds from your account balance on a per-query basis when you use minFraud and GeoIP web services. The per-query price is determined by the service type you choose to query.

  GeoIP2 minFraud
  Country City Plus Insights Score Insights Factors
Cost per Query $0.0001 $0.0003 $0.002 $0.005 $0.015 $0.02

You can purchase MaxMind service credit in dollar increments through either:

Please note that GeoIP2 databases and database updates must be purchased separately from service credit, which is exclusively associated with web services. However, if you’d like to apply your service credit balance towards a database purchase, please contact our support team for help.

Purchase service credit as a new web service customer

First, determine which web service(s) you would like to use. You can learn more about the different minFraud web services, and learn more about the different GeoIP web services. Service credit is used for all MaxMind web services, so it's possible to add services to your account after purchasing and apply the service credit to new services.

When you have put the amount of web service credit you would like to purchase in your shopping cart, click the blue "Checkout" button. If you already have a MaxMind account, you can login and the service credit will be added to your account when the purchase is complete. If you do not already have a MaxMind account, you will be prompted to create one in order to complete your purchase.

View your service credit through the account portal existing customer

Existing customers can see how much service credit they have on your Account Summary page. You are taken to your Account Summary page whenever you login, or you can click on 'Account Summary' in the Account menu [direct link, login required].


You current service credit balance will be displayed near the top of the Account Summary page.


You can also get an estimate of how many queries your service credit balance will fund. Click on the "Show funds as queries" modal to the right of your service credit balance to see an estimate of how many queries you can run of different MaxMind web services with your remaining balance.


Purchase service credit through the account portal as an existing web service customer

Existing customers can purchase service credit through the account portal. You can see your current service credit amount on your Account Summary page when you login to your user account [direct link, login required].


To purchase funds through your account portal, click on ‘Purchase or Manage Funds’ in the Billing menu [direct link, login required]. This feature is restricted to admin users and standard users with billing permissions. Learn more about user permissions.


Enter the amount of service credit you would like to purchase, and click the blue 'Purchase' button to make a one-time purchase of service credit.

If you would like to ensure that you do not run out of service credit, you can set up auto-recharge on your account. Learn how to set up auto-recharge on your account.

If you do not have auto-recharge enabled, you will receive a low-balance notification email when you have 25% of your last service credit purchase amount remaining. For example, if your last purchase was $100, you will receive an email notification when you have $25 of service credit left.

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