Edit my License Key

We have recently updated the format of our license keys. Read our release note for more information.

You can update the description of your license keys at any time. The description is used to identify license keys when you are looking at usage reports for your account. Learn more about usage reports, and how to filter these reports based on your license keys.

You cannot edit the actual license key itself, only the description. If you need a new license key, you can learn how to replace a license key.


To edit the description of your license key, click on ‘Manage My License Keys’ in the Account menu of your account portal [direct link, login required]. This feature is restricted to admin users and standard users with product/service permissions. Learn more about user permissions.


Click on the pencil icon next to the license key whose description you would like to edit. You may enter a new description, and click on ‘Update license key’ to make the changes.


You cannot manually change the value of your license key or edit it in any other way. If you need to get a new license key because you have lost one of your existing keys, you will need to replace it. Learn how to replace your license key.

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