Using License Keys

We have recently updated the format of our license keys. Read our release note for more information.

License keys are used to authorize access to a product or service via API. License keys can be used to query one of the web services, like minFraud, GeoIP2, or GeoLite2; or to download a GeoIP2 or GeoLite2 database. License keys must be used as part of an API request, and how to use a license key varies depending on the product or service you’re trying to use, and the specific API that you’re using. You can learn more about the APIs used to query web services or download databases on our developer’s site:

A license key is tied to your account, and anyone with your license key could use it to download databases or query web services via your account. This could use up your database download limit or service credit. You are responsible for what people do with your license keys, so they should be treated essentially as a password.

You will need a license key and your account ID number if you want to query one of the web services or automate database downloads. Learn how to generate a license key and learn how to find your account ID number.

You can have up to 25 active license keys at a time. You can use this feature to manage authorization access for multiple user groups, or to track product and service usage from different applications. By using different license keys for different applications or groups, you can filter usage reports to see the volume of activity for these different applications and groups. Learn more about usage reports.

Once you have generated your first license key, at least one key must remain active on your account at all times.


You can view your license keys by clicking on ‘Manage License Keys’ in the Account menu of your account portal [direct link, login required]. This feature is restricted to admin users and standard users with product/service permissions. Learn more about user permissions.


A table of your keys will display the description, the first four digits of the license key, when it was created, and when it was last used. The full license key is stored hashed and cannot be displayed or recovered after it is generated. If you lose your license key, you will have to replace it. You should also replace your license key if you believe that someone who is not authorized to use your account may have gained access to it. Learn how to replace your license key.

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