Replace my License Key

We have recently updated the format of our license keys. Read our release note for more information.

If you have lost your license key or believe that it has been compromised, you should replace it. We hash your license keys for security purposes, so MaxMind does not have the ability to view your license keys in full in order to help you retrieve them. A license key is displayed in full only once to whoever generates it.

If you lose your license key, you should generate a replacement key, and deactivate the lost one.

First, generate a new license key. Learn how to generate a new license key.

Next, update your integration to use the new license key. See our developer’s documentation for details about how to update your integration with the new license key depending on the product(s) or service(s) you will be using:

Once you have updated your integration and confirmed that the new license key is working, deactivate the old license key. Learn how to deactivate license keys.

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