Secure my License Key

We have recently updated the format of our license keys. Read our release note for more information.

Your MaxMind license key should be treated essentially as a password, so we recommend storing license keys securely in a password manager. Each key is a unique identifier for your account, which, if obtained by an unauthorized individual, may result in misuse of your MaxMind products and services.

When using your license key in your code, make sure you store it securely. Never store your license key where it can be read by other users on shared resources (e.g. version control, code, public HTML, etc.).

Never share your full key outside of your company (not even with us!). We will only ever need the first four characters if applicable for troubleshooting.

If you believe your license key may have been compromised, you should replace the affected keys. You can also check your service usage through your account portal, or reach out to our support team for help.

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