Edit a User

Admin users can edit the contact information, reset the password, or change the permissions of other users, including other admin users.

To edit a user, click on ‘Manage Users’ in the Account menu of your account portal [direct link, login required]. This will display a list of all users in your account.


You can edit users or reset their passwords. If you click on the ‘Reset’ link in the 'Reset Password' column of the user table, the user will be sent an email allowing them to choose a new password. They will not be able to login until they have reset their password. In order to keep your account secure, we recommend that all users regularly update their password.

To edit one of these users, click on the ‘Edit’ link in the 'Edit User' column of the user table.


From the edit user page, you can update any of the contact information, including name, email address, location, and phone number. It is also possible to modify a user’s permissions. Select the type of user and the permissions (if applicable) from the options at the bottom, and click ‘Save.’ Learn more about user permissions. Simply type the changes into the appropriate fields, and click ‘Save changes.’


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