Set Up a Passkey for Your MaxMind Account

Passkeys are a passwordless method of authentication that are more resistant to phishing, credential stuffing, and other remote attacks.

Passkeys are stored on an authenticator, which is either a physical device or a software application such as iCloud Keychain, a Chrome profile, or a password manager (LastPass, 1Password, etc.). You can learn more about passkeys from open-source authentication solution Hanko (at this link) or dev documentation put together by W3C WebAuthn Community Adoption Group and members of the FIDO Alliance (at this link).

Manage passkeys

To manage your passkeys, click on ‘Sign-in Security’ in the Account menu of your account portal [direct link, login required].

sign in security.png

Scroll to the Passkeys section and click ‘Register new key’.

new passkey.png

Enter a name for your key and click ‘Next’.

Depending on your organization’s setup, some passkey options may not be available.

create passkey.png

To remove a passkey, click the X icon next to its name.

delete passkey.png

Click ‘Remove’ on the pop-up to confirm that you wish to remove this security key.

confirm delete passkey.png

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