You may configure your MaxMind account to allow for one or more users to access it. MaxMind supports 3 account types (or roles): Account Administrator, Standard, and Email Only.*


What’s the value of multi-user account access?

MaxMind’s multi-user features provide a more secure and flexible way for you to manage your MaxMind account. With multi-user accounts, you can easily organize and manage users and teams based on the level of access you want them to have.  


What is changing?

Our latest improvement for multi-user account access is the addition of the Standard User type*.  Account Administrators are able to create and manage separate login credentials for multiple people throughout your company, and they can now restrict users to access only the billing functionality within the account portal.


What are the account types (or roles)?*

  • Account Administrators

An Account Administrator (Admin) has full access to your company’s MaxMind account portal. Admins can control who else has access to the account and can grant those additional users either Account Administrator, Standard User, or Email Only rights.

If an Admin user is ever deactivated or downgraded to either a Standard or Email Only user by another Admin, you may wish to consider replacing your account’s existing license key(s). We recommend doing so as a security precaution, to ensure that your active keys are only available to users on a need-to-know basis.


  • Standard Users

A Standard User has access to only those features in your company’s MaxMind account portal which have been expressly configured by an Account Administrator.   At this time, the Standard User type currently supports one permission type, Billing. Billing permission enables a Standard User to access billing and payment method account pages, and to also receive email alerts about billing and payments for your account.


  • Email Only Users

An Email Only user can receive transactional information and other account-related emails from MaxMind, but does not have access to the MaxMind account portal.


* Note that billing contact email addresses will not be affected by multi-user account functionality, and those people will continue to receive emails as they currently do, without access to the MaxMind account portal.


Who can set up new users?

Only persons with Account Administrator privileges can set up new users.


We have employees who receive transactional emails from MaxMind, but who do not need account access. Will their status change?

MaxMind will continue to send transactional, billing, or other account-related emails to the email addresses associated with your account.


What if account access is assigned to an email address no longer in use?

If an email address is no longer active, or if you have any questions, please contact us at