This guide gives a quick overview of minFraud in an easy-to-scan layout. It will give you the information you need to get up and running as quickly as possible.


Inputs and Outputs

minFraud has many inputs and outputs. The only required inputs are your customer’s IP address and your account license key; however, the more inputs you send us, the better analysis we can do and the more outputs you will receive.

The most highly recommended additional inputs are the BIN/IIN (if you take credit cards), billing address information, the email’s domain, and an MD5 hash of the whole email address.

You’ll receive a comprehensive riskScore from 0 – 100 which rates the likelihood an order is fraudulent, as well as additional data (such as geolocation) and analysis (such as the distance between the IP and the billing address).

For a full list of inputs and outputs, see the links below:

minFraud Standard and minFraud Premium Legacy Web Services

minFraud Score and minFraud Insights Web Services


Accessing the minFraud Legacy Web Services

There are three methods available to access the service.

HTTP Interface

The URI for this service is:

A sample query looks like:


A sample response looks like:

distance=312;countryMatch=Yes;countryCode=US;freeMail=Yes;anonymousProxy=No;binMatch=Yes;binCountry=US;err=;proxyScore=0.00;ip_region=NY;ip_city=Syracuse;ip_latitude=43.0440;ip_longitude=-76.1518;binName=;ip_isp=Time Warner Cable;ip_org=Time Warner Cable;binNameMatch=NA;binPhoneMatch=NA;binPhone=;custPhoneInBillingLoc=NotFound;highRiskCountry=No;queriesRemaining=11460;cityPostalMatch=Yes;shipCityPostalMatch=;maxmindID=VZ8CAOVV;ip_asnum=AS11351 Time Warner Cable Internet LLC;ip_userType=residential;ip_countryConf=99;ip_regionConf=;ip_cityConf=;ip_postalCode=13202;ip_postalConf=;ip_accuracyRadius=937;ip_netSpeedCell=Cable/DSL;ip_metroCode=555;ip_areaCode=315;ip_timeZone=America/New_York;ip_regionName=New York;;ip_countryName=United States;ip_continentCode=NA;ip_corporateProxy=No;riskScore=5.31;prepaid=;minfraud_version=1.3;service_level=standard

Client APIs

We also have Perl, PHP, Java, and ASP APIs available to query the service, which can make the http call for you. For more details see:

Web Interface

We also have a web form for submitting requests manually through a web browser, while logged in to your account, here:


Accessing the (current) minFraud Web Services

There are two methods available to access the service.

HTTP Interface

The URI for minFraud Score is:

The URI for minFraud Insights is:

A sample request can be viewed in our documentation here.

A sample minFraud Score response can be viewed in our documentation here.

A sample minFraud Insights response can be viewed in our documentation here.

Client APIs

We also have .NET (C#), Perl, PHP, Java, and Python APIs available to query the service, which can make the http call for you. For more details see:


Accessing your account

Prospective Users

If you would like to test the service and don’t have any queries available yet, you may request a trial account at the link below. This is not a sandbox and will let you hit the live service at no charge. To convert to a paid account, simply begin funding the account with paid queries. You should not need to change any code on your end or your license key.

Note that trial requests are usually processed within half a business day. If you haven’t received your login details within that time period, please check your spam filter and email if they still haven’t arrived.

Existing Users

To login, use the details for your existing account. If you don’t have your login credentials, you can request them through first page linked below. If you need your license key, you will find it at the second page linked below once you’re logged in.



There are two types of queries: Standard and Premium. Standard queries begin at $0.005 each and Premium queries begin at $0.015. Premium queries are a superset of Standard ones. They provide all of the same data plus additional BIN/IIN information in certain instances.

Standard queries can be used during the beta testing period to query either the minFraud Score or the minFraud Insights services. (We’re offering special pricing for minFraud Insights during the beta period at $0.005 per query.)

Note that pricing is not dependent on the number of inputs you send us. If you have purchased Standard queries and you make a request of our server, if we respond to you, we’ll deduct 1 query from your account whether you just sent the IP and the billing or the IP, the billing, the BIN, the email’s MD5 and the phone number. The same is true if you have purchased Premium queries.

Also, if you have both Standard and Premium queries available in the same account, with the same license key, by default we would use Premium queries first. However, you can override this by setting the “requested type” input to “Standard.”



It is recommended to select the auto-recharge subscription option to help prevent your account from running out of queries unexpectedly, thus preventing a disruption of service. You would have the option to cancel (or add back) an auto-recharge as needed through your Account Summary page, and there is no penalty for canceling an auto-recharge.

Many people opt for the auto-recharge plan. Under this model, whenever your query balance reaches only 25% remaining of your previous purchase volume, we automatically charge your account and add the previous purchase amount to your query balance.

The queries you purchase do not expire, and there are no additional ongoing charges or maintenance fees. If you’d like to go with this option, it is available in your shopping cart as you check out.

Note that you might auto-recharge multiple times per month if your usage is high relative to your previous purchase amount. Note also that you might not auto-recharge for a couple months if your usage is low relative to your previous purchase amount.

You can alternatively choose to manually purchase additional queries as needed, directly through our site here.


More information

When we geolocate IP addresses, we output particular codes for countries and regions. For documentation, please see the following lists:

If there are any questions which haven’t been answered here, please see our minFraud FAQ, or contact us. Please note that some of this information may be slightly out of date. minFraud service is now exclusively offered in Score and Insights only. We are working to update all of our documentation as soon as possible.


Longitude and latitude are not precise and should not be used to identify a particular street address or household. To better represent a level of accuracy, please include the accuracy_radius when displaying latitude and longitude and make it clear that the coordinates refer to a larger geographical area instead of a precise location.