minFraud Interactive is a suite of ancillary services accessed through the account portal that can be used for testing, manual review, and configuring your minFraud account for the automatic acceptance and rejection of transactions. MaxMind maintains user guides for the following features:

minFraud Query

Manually input transactions through a user-friendly form for testing and analysis.

minFraud Transactions

Search and view a detailed record of your recent minFraud queries for manual review or testing.

Dispositions, Custom Rules, and Custom Inputs

Use minFraud to improve your workflow or automate the acceptance, rejection, or manual review of your transactions by integrating with our Dispositions API (documentation for the Dispositions API is available on our Developer’s Site).

Custom Rules

After getting set up with the Dispositions API, you can implement Custom Rules to set the criteria for acceptance, rejection, and manual review dispositions.

Custom Inputs

Refine your Custom Rules even further by using Custom Inputs based on the factors most relevant to your business.