Can I customize the algorithm used to generate the riskScore returned by the minFraud service?

Aside from the Disable IP Risk tool, customers cannot directly change how MaxMind calculates the riskScore. However, our minFraud service returns many other data points besides the riskScore. You can implement custom rules based on this data in your own code.

In the MaxMind account portal, we provide the Custom Rules functionality to minFraud Score, minFraud Insights, and minFraud Factors customers. You can use custom rules to automate the dispositioning of transactions (reject, accept, queue for manual review, or test a rule). Learn how to get started in our Custom Rules Guide.

If you report chargebacks to us, we use that information to customize and improve the riskScore for you. Additionally, the more chargebacks that are reported to us, the more effective our service becomes. Thus, we strongly recommend utilization of chargeback reporting.