What are velocity checks?

The minFraud services check the velocity of changing transaction data linked to IP addresses and devices. For example, if many different email addresses are sighted on a single IP address, the service may identify this as a high risk activity. The minFraud services perform velocity checks on billing addresses, email addresses, and credit card information linked to IP addresses and devices.

Velocity checks can be disabled by request. You may wish to disable velocity checks if you are testing the minFraud service, and are not using actual live transactions or are submitting many requests with the same IP address. You may also wish to disable velocity checks if you do not consider it risky for your business. minFraud Insights and Factors customers can view which transactions have been flagged due to velocity checks with the IP risk_reasons output.

If you would like to disable velocity checks, please contact us to submit a request.

If you are sending transactions in which the IP address is not relevant to risk (transactions submitted by a call center, from a testing computer, etc.) you have a couple of options:

Disabling IP risk in either of the above methods will also disable velocity checks on the IP address.