How can I exclude an IP address/network from being used for risk scoring?

In certain cases, you may wish to exclude an IP address or network from being used for risk scoring. For example, if you have orders or transactions coming in from a call center or agent that is making repeated transactions on behalf of end customers, the agent IP address may be scored as high risk for irregular behavior.

Disable IP Risk allows you to manage a list of IP addresses that you would want to exempt from IP risk scoring, thus allowing you to avoid false positives. Adding an IP address or network to the exclusion list will ensure IP risk is neither calculated nor considered when determining the riskScore for transactions associated with excluded IPs. Please note that the riskScore may still be elevated by other factors beyond IP risk.



Account administrators (see Multi-User Account Access) have the ability to access and use Disable IP Risk. If you have the appropriate permissions, the tool is accessible from the left-hand navigation menu in your account portal. It can be accessed directly here.



You can easily add IP addresses and networks by inputting them (in CIDR notation) in the form field underneath ‘Add New Exclusions’ on the Disable IP Risk page, and clicking on ‘Add’. You may enter multiple items at a time by entering one IP or IP network per line. The netmask for IP networks must be between 24 and 32 for IPv4, and between 32 and 128 for IPv6.

You can remove IP addresses and networks by selecting the checkboxes for the appropriate list items underneath ‘Existing Exclusions’ and then clicking on ‘Delete Selected’.


What if I have transactions in which the IP address is not relevant?

You may send minFraud Score, Insights, or Factors requests without an IP address.