How can I make sure the minFraud service is as effective as possible for me?

First, if you are still using minFraud version 1.0, we recommend upgrading to the latest version of the minFraud service. Upgrading from version 1.0 gives you access to the riskScore, which represents the likelihood that a given transaction is fraudulent.

Second, we recommend you use the riskScore rather than the score as you make decisions about whether to accept, reject, or review orders. The riskScore is based on sophisticated statistical modeling and real-time data feeds while the score uses a simple formula. As such, the riskScore better indicates whether a given order is fraudulent.

Third, the more input fields you pass to the minFraud service, the more accurate the riskScore will be. In particular, we recommend passing at least the city, postal, country, bin, user_agent, and accept_language fields.

Fourth, we recommend you use the Device Tracking Add-on for the minFraud service on your site. The add-on helps catch fraudsters who change proxies while they are browsing your website or between visits to your website.

Fifth, you can help us improve the riskScore by reporting fraud and chargebacks to us.

And, as always, you can contact our support team at with any questions pertaining to the minFraud service.