The minFraud service is a transaction risk API for assessing the likelihood of fraud in online transactions. The minFraud service assesses the risk associated with transaction data like IP, email, credit card, device, physical address, and more, to return a risk score and risk data that can be used to automate transaction approval/denial and provide resources for your fraud prevention team.

Getting Started with minFraud

Our comprehensive guide to getting set up with the minFraud service so that you can get the most value out of our risk scoring.

What is the riskScore?

Learn how the riskScore and IP Risk Score are calibrated and how to set thresholds for review and automated transaction screening.

minFraud Insights Data Dictionary

Download a PDF of our Data Dictionary, which gives information on how to interpret the risk data packaged with minFraud Insights.

minFraud Factors Subscores Guide [login required]

Download a PDF of our guide to the subscores that come packaged with minFraud Factors. You must login to download.

minFraud Interactive

Run minFraud queries for testing, search and display recent transactions for manual review and analysis, and set up custom rules for automated transaction screening.

Featured minFraud Service Integrations

Explore these featured service integrations that make connecting minFraud to your online storefront a snap.

minFraud FAQs

Explore more about specifications, integration, and troubleshooting:

Specifications and Implementation

Testing and Troubleshooting

For developer documentation, please visit our developer website.

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