MaxMind has been taking steps to ensure that all of our products are IPv6 compatible. Currently, our GeoIP2 Precision, GeoIP Legacy, and minFraud web services are IPv6 compatible, as are our GeoIP2 Country, City, ISP, Connection Type, Domain Name, Anonymous IP, and Enterprise databases. We also provide free GeoLite2 City, Country, and ASN (Autonomous System Number) databases.

If you have further questions concerning MaxMind’s plans for IPv6 compatibility, please contact us at


Free Databases with IPv6 data


Frequently Asked Questions


Which MaxMind products currently support IPv6 Addresses?

Our GeoIP2 Precision, GeoIP Legacy, and minFraud services, GeoIP2 Country database, GeoIP2 City database, GeoIP2 ISP database, GeoIP2 Connection Type database, GeoIP2 Domain Name database, GeoIP2 Anonymous IP database, GeoIP2 Enterprise database, and GeoLite2 databases currently support IPv6 lookups.


What happens when I try to use IPv6 addresses with your GeoIP Legacy binary database products?

Currently, IPv6 addresses will return a generic error message. Note that our GeoIP2 databases support IPv6 lookups.


Can’t you translate IPv6 addresses into IPv4 addresses to make them compatible?

We are only able to do this with IPv6 addresses that contain an embedded IPv4 address.


If I am already a client, will I have to pay more for IPv6 compatible products?

No. Clients using our GeoIP2, GeoIP Legacy, minFraud, and proxy detection services may submit IPv6 addresses without paying additional fees. If you are using our GeoIP Legacy databases and want to use an associated GeoIP2 database, you will need to purchase an update to your database to become IPv6 compatible, but you will not be required to purchase a new site license or pay any additional fees on top of the regular update price. You will need to install a new API to access a MaxMind DB format of database which supports IPv6.


What will I need to do to become IPv6 compatible?

GeoIP2, GeoIP Legacy, minFraud, and proxy detection service clients are able to use the existing web-service endpoints. You may pass them IPv6 addresses.

Clients using our GeoIP Legacy databases need to upgrade to GeoIP2 APIs and download GeoIP2 databases.


Which GeoIP Legacy database APIs are IPv6 compatible?

GeoIP Legacy databases don’t contain any IPv6 data, so GeoIP Legacy APIs unfortunately cannot be used for IPv6 lookups. (By contrast, all GeoIP2 Client APIs are IPv6 compatible.)