Testing Out of Credit Errors on the Sandbox

Normally, your Sandbox account will never run out of service credit. However, you may simulate the behavior of the web services when you don’t have enough service credit by turning on Out Of Credit mode through the account portal of your Sandbox.

You must have admin permission on your Sandbox account to turn on Out Of Credit mode. Learn more about account permissions.

First, make sure that you have created and activated your Sandbox account. Learn how to set up a Sandbox account.

Toggle Out of Credit Mode in the MaxMind Sandbox Environment

You can toggle Out of Credit mode in the Sandbox through the account portal of your Sandbox. This feature is restricted to users who have admin permissions on the Sandbox.

Please note that the users and permissions for your Sandbox account are separate from the users and permissions of your regular MaxMind account. You can add users and modify their permissions on the Sandbox. The instructions are the same as adding users and modifying their permissions on your regular MaxMind account, except that you would follow those instructions in the Sandbox account portal. Learn more about managing users.

To turn on Out of Credit mode on the Sandbox, login to the account portal of your Sandbox and click on “Configure Sandbox Account” in the Account section of the left-hand navigation menu [direct link, login for your Sandbox account required].


On the following screen you will see a checkbox to toggle Out Of Credit mode. Check or uncheck the box, and click the blue Save button.


Out Of Credit mode typically takes 5 minutes or less to take affect.

While active, Out Of Credit mode will simulate your Sandbox account being out of service credit.

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