Data Protection Impact Assessments and Incident Response Plans

MaxMind may conduct DPIAs with respect to the personal data of its customers where its processing operations are likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons. Where MaxMind operates as a Data Processor on behalf of its customers, MaxMind will assist its customers, the Data Controllers, where necessary and upon written request, in ensuring compliance with the customer’s obligations, if any, deriving from the carrying out of DPIAs. For further information, please contact our Data Protection Officer. You can find contact information for our Data Protection Officer in section 11 of our Privacy Policy located on our main website.

MaxMind maintains an Incident Response Plan that is tested on a regular basis, at least annually as part of its overall ISMS. Such plans address specific incident response procedures, data backup procedures, roles and responsibilities, customer communication, contact strategies, and legal information flow.

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