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Custom rules can be given a label to help you organize and keep track of them. This label is displayed in the custom rules management screens of the account portal, and in the log and review screens for your minFraud transactions in the account portal. The label is also returned as part of a response to a minFraud service request, so that it can be logged or integrated into your systems.

You can choose how you want to label your rules, and each label can be up to 50 characters long. Read more to learn about:

Set a custom rule label

When you are finishing the process of creating a custom rule, you’ll have the option to set a label for your rule. Learn how to create a custom rule. If you make a mistake and want to change your label, you can edit it later.

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Edit or add a custom rule label

After a rule has been saved and activated, you can add, edit, or remove a label as needed using the account portal. Click on 'Custom Rules' in the minFraud menu in your account portal [direct link, login required]. This feature is available to admin users and standard users with product/service permissions. Learn more about user permissions.



In the example below, rule 1 has label “trusted affiliate foo”, rule 2 has label "high IP risk score", and rule 3 has no label. Instead of a label, some of the conditions of the rule are represented:

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You can edit the label by clicking on the tag icon next to the rule whose label you would like to edit or add:

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Enter the label you would like in the text box and click the blue "Save Label" button when you're ready.

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Now the label will show up in the list of custom rules:

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Where custom rule labels are displayed

Custom rule labels are displayed in the log of your minFraud transactions and on the transaction review screen in your account portal. They are also returned as part of a response to a request to one of the minFraud services.

Custom rule labels in the log of minFraud transactions

In the log of your minFraud transactions, the label appears when hovering over the disposition icon in search results. Learn how to view a log of your minFraud transactions.

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Custom rule labels on the transaction review screen

In the transaction review screen, the label appears at the top when a transaction has been dispositioned by a custom rule.

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Custom rule labels in a minFraud service response

Custom rule labels are also returned as an output in the response to a minFraud service request. You can take this output and bring it into your own local logging or manual review system. Read the full API specification for the custom rule label output on our Developers Portal.

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