Test Databases

If you are a current customer and are looking for resources to help with testing, you can learn how to lookup IPs in our databases.

There are several ways to test GeoIP databases before purchasing them:

Test Method Use Case
Online Demo

For quick validation of the GeoIP databases, to see if the data meets your needs, to test accuracy, or to see some examples of real GeoIP database outputs.

Learn more about our online demo below.

Example Files

If you want to work with example files to test an integration of the GeoIP databases. These files contain dummy data rather than actual GeoIP data. MaxMind provides examples files in CSV and MMDB formats. Learn more about the differences between CSV and MMDB files.

Learn more about testing with our example files below.


If you want to develop your applications using real, but less accurate, IP geolocation data for proof of concept or MVP validation. Please note that there is no GeoLite version of our anonymizer data, user context data, and most of our network data.

Learn more about testing and developing with GeoLite below.

GeoIP database online demo

You can get a sense of the kind of data in most of our GeoIP databases using the online demo on our main website. This demo allows you to lookup up to 25 IP addresses and see what data is returned for those addresses in the following databases:

The online demo does not display exclusive data from the following GeoIP databases:

If you would like to demo the GeoIP Anonymous IP or Enterprise databases, please reach out to our sales team for more information.

Example GeoIP database files

MaxMind maintains example files in the two formats that we provide our databases in:

  • CSV (comma separated value)
  • MMDB (MaxMind database)

Learn more about the difference between these database formats.

The example files for GeoIP databases are in the same format and generated using many of the same methods as real GeoIP databases. However, the example files contain dummy data rather than real GeoIP data.

The example files are good for testing an integration before purchasing a product, or for when you need to test with predictable input output pairs.

The test databases can be found on the appropriate product page on our Developer Portal:

Example IP Geolocation database files:

Example IP intelligence database files:

Example GeoLite database files:

Even though GeoLite databases are free to use, you may want to use example files instead of real IP geolocation and IP intelligence data for testing applications in an early stage of development, to minimize the use of real data.

The GeoLite IP geolocation databases both have the same format as the GeoIP geolocation databases, so you can use the corresponding GeoIP example files for development:

MaxMind does maintain example files for the GeoLite ASN database:

Use GeoLite for testing

If you want to test a database integration before purchasing a database subscription, you can sign up for our free GeoLite databases, which are drag and drop replacements for our GeoIP geolocation databases.

GeoLite can be used when you want to build and test a product with real IP geolocation data, or when you need to deliver an MVP version of a product without worrying about the highest level of accuracy. With GeoLite you can test high-volume real world examples and get usable data while building an application that can easily be upgraded to production quality data.

Learn more about GeoLite and sign up for an account on our Developers Portal, and learn how to upgrade from GeoLite databases.

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