Modify my Database Subscriptions

You can view, renew, or modify your database subscriptions at any time through your account portal. Learn how to:

Access database subscriptions through the account portal

Click on ‘Purchase or Manage Databases’ in the Billing menu of your account portal [direct link, login required]. This feature is restricted to admin users or standard users with billing permission. Learn more about user permissions.


You will see a list of all databases that you have purchased, the time period in which you have access to the database, and links to modify your database subscriptions.

Switch from one time updates to a subscription

To switch from pay-as-you-go to an automatic renewal, click on ‘Purchase Update with Subscription,’ and choose whether you would like a monthly or yearly subscription. Your new subscription will be added to the end of any current term of access. For example, if you buy a yearly subscription and you have one month left of database access, you will now have thirteen months of database access.

Modify a database subscription

You can change from monthly to annual subscriptions or vice versa by simply selecting the appropriate radio button next to the database subscription you'd like to change. Once you select the new radio button, your database will renew at the new price and duration when your current subscription expires. You will be charged for the new database subscription at that time.


Purchase a one time update

You can also purchase a one time update to a database. Click on ‘Purchase Update’ to purchase an update without a subscription. A one time database update gives you one month of access to the database.

Purchase a new database

If you would like to purchase a database that you have not previously purchased, you can make the purchase through our main website. Login to your account, then select the database you would like to purchase from our main website and proceed with checkout. Go to the product pages on our main website to make a purchase.

Cancel a database subscription

To cancel a database subscription, click on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ link. When you cancel your subscription, you will still be able to download the database for the remainder of the subscription term, but you will not automatically renew your subscription.

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