How do I use GeoLite2 in a product or service?

You have three options for using or redistributing the GeoLite2 databases in a product or service, commercial or otherwise.

With attribution*:
You may redistribute GeoLite2 data that you download through your MaxMind account or access via the GeoLite2 web service API without charge as long as you meet the attribution requirement. You can find the GeoLite2 End User License agreement here.

Without attribution*:
You may redistribute the GeoLite2 databases that you download through your MaxMind account, without having to provide attribution, by purchasing a GeoLite2 Commercial Redistribution License. You can find the GeoLite2 Commercial Redistribution License agreement here.

You may integrate the GeoLite2 databases in your project and require end-users to get GeoLite2 databases directly from MaxMind. In this case, each end-user would separately sign up for a MaxMind account here and agree to the GeoLite2 End User License agreement.

*Direct redistributors (i.e. options 1 and 2 above) of the GeoLite2 databases must flow down applicable requirements, such as honoring valid ‘Do Not Sell My Personal Information’ requests that MaxMind communicates via this page in your account portal [login required].