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Watch a short video explaining the testing methods available for the GeoIP2 Precision web service.

You may test the GeoIP2 Precision web service using manual testing methods, which can be done right away to give you a sense of the data that the web service will return, or through a full integration of the web service, which requires more developer time and effort.

Manual Testing Methods

Watch a short video explaining how to do manual testing of the GeoIP2 Precision web service right away through your account portal or the command line.
MethodProgramming Knowledge RequiredBest for
Online Lookup Form*None
Looking up 1-50 IPs and getting the majority of GeoIP outputs.
Batch Lookup Tool*None
Looking up hundreds to millions of IPs with output in CSV or JSON. Reviewing the full set of service outputs (JSON).
Command Line (curl)Low
Developers testing to integrate directly with our REST API (i.e., not using client APIs).
*The Online Lookup Form and CSV file exported by the Batch Lookup Tool provide a subset of outputs, intended for quick evaluation. The JSON file exported by the Batch Lookup Tool provides the full set of outputs returned by our API.

Integration Testing Methods

Watch a short video about our developer’s resources for integrating the GeoIP2 Precision web services.

The GeoIP2 Precision web services integration documentation can be found on our developer website. Officially-supported and third-party client libraries are available for popular programming languages and frameworks. 

You will need to generate a license key [login required] in order to query our API.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us.