What kinds of data do GeoIP2 products and services contain?

GeoIP2 products and services provide access to various kinds of data associated with IP addresses, including:
  • geolocation (the approximate location in the world)
  • network (the ISP, domain name, and connection type)
  • user context and demographic data (user type, average income, population density, etc.)
  • and anonymizers (VPNs, TOR exit nodes, and other proxies)
You can mix and match subscriptions to one or more databases in order to get access to the specific data that you need, or you can use GeoIP2 Precision Country or City web services for geolocation, or GeoIP2 Precision Insights for access to comprehensive data via a web service (find out more about the differences between our downloadable databases and our web services). The following table gives an overview of the kinds of data available in each of the GeoIP2 suite of products and services. For a full list of fields and product features, click the links below.
Web Services
     Country Level Country Database Precision Country
     City Level City Database* Precision City*
     ISP (Internet Service Provider) ISP Database Precision Insights*
     Domain Name Domain Database Precision Insights*
     Connection Type Connection Type Precision Insights*
User Context and Demographics Enterprise Database* Precision Insights*
Anonymizers Anonymous IP Database Precision Insights*
*These products/services also contain the data types of those listed above in the chart (for example, the GeoIP2 Enterprise Database contains all data types except for anonymizers, and the GeoIP2 Precision City web service contains the data included in GeoIP2 Precision Country).