How can I identify proxies and other anonymous IP addresses?

We provide data on anonymous IPs along with a flag to indicate whether the IP is associated with a public proxy, residential proxy (does not include peer-to-peer proxy IPs), VPN, hosting/data center, or TOR exit node. This data is updated daily and is available in a downloadable database with our GeoIP2 Anonymous IP database, or in a web service with our GeoIP2 Precision Insights service or our minFraud service.

If your use case is fraud detection (e-commerce, payments, affiliate, surveys), we recommend the IP Risk Score provided by our minFraud service. This data service is better at detecting malware-compromised devices and botnets, which are more frequently used by fraudsters. It also flags all anonymous IPs contained in our other solutions (i.e., it is a superset of our GeoIP2 Anonymous IP database).