Can I perform a lookup by latitude and longitude coordinates?

No–our products are not designed to be queried by arbitrary latitude and longitude coordinates. The latitude and longitude coordinates we return are centered near either the geographical center or the population center of the most granular geolocation value we return for an IP address (i.e. continent, country, subdivision, city, or postal code).

At the country level, if there is a population center that accounts for a significant part of the population (e.g. London, Paris, Moscow), we use that to determine the coordinates. Otherwise, we use the geographical center (e.g. in the US where there isn’t one city that accounts for more than 5% of the population).

At the subdivision level, we typically use the population center to determine the coordinates.

Bearing this in mind, coordinates cannot be used to locate an IP more granularly than the geolocation values that we explicitly return. Please also note that our coordinates are never precise enough to identify a particular street address or household. Our products do not include any street address level data. To help you have a sense of how precise any given query return is, MaxMind provides an accuracy radius field in the response. The actual location of the IP address is likely within the area defined by a circle with its center at the coordinates returned and a radius equal to the accuracy radius returned.

In the example above, MaxMind returns the coordinates 42.1293, -72.7522 with an accuracy radius of 100km. The actual geolocation of the IP address is likely within the 100km-radius circle shown above.