Why should I use GeoIP2 instead of GeoIP Legacy?

We highly encourage using our current GeoIP2 format rather than the GeoIP Legacy format. GeoIP2 products return our most accurate data, and they support both IPv4 and IPv6 lookups. (GeoIP Legacy databases only support IPv4, and GeoIP Legacy web services are less accurate for IPv6.) GeoIP2 products can also take advantage of new features and outputs that are not available for GeoIP Legacy products. Additionally, we prioritize bug fixes for GeoIP2 products, and we are beginning to phase out some GeoIP Legacy products.

A helpful summary of the data changes between GeoIP2 and GeoIP Legacy data can be found here, and developer documentation and our GeoIP2 APIs can be found here.


We are retiring our GeoIP Legacy downloadable database formats at the end of May 2022. Please see our blog post for more information, including how to migrate to GeoIP2.