Why can’t I find a particular IP address in your GeoIP2 CSV database?

In our GeoIP2 CSV Blocks files, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are not listed individually, but are instead consolidated into networks in CIDR format–for example, “” for IPv4, or “2001:4b0::/80” for IPv6. IPs are consolidated to the largest size network possible where the data returned by a given database is all the same. This notation by network is essential to maintaining manageable file sizes; however, as a result, you would not be able to search directly for the vast majority of individual IPs.

If you wish to convert the CIDR format to start/end dotted-decimal IPs or to start/end integer IPs, we provide a conversion utility tool here.

Developer documentation for our GeoIP2 CSV databases is linked here.


If you would like to look up a specific IP and have available service credit, you could use our Batch Lookup Tool [login required], located under the ‘GeoIP2 / GeoLite2’ menu in the account portal. If you do not have available service credit, you may purchase credit in your account portal [login required].

Our Batch Lookup Tool allows you to upload a list of individual IPs, and it creates files in CSV and JSON format that contain the lookup results for those specific IPs.