How often are the GeoIP2 and GeoLite2 databases updated?

The table below displays the update frequency for our GeoIP2 databases. Weekly updates are available every Tuesday, and twice weekly updates are available on Tuesday and Friday.

 Database  Update Frequency
 GeoIP2 Country  Twice weekly
 GeoIP2 City  Twice weekly
 GeoIP2 ISP  Twice weekly
 GeoIP2 Connection Type  Weekly
 GeoIP2 Domain Name  Every four weeks
 GeoIP2 Anonymous IP  Daily
 GeoIP2 Enterprise  Twice weekly
 GeoLite2 Country  Weekly
 GeoLite2 City  Weekly
 GeoLite2 ASN  Weekly


In the event we have an unexpected delay for any of our database updates such that an update will not be available by 11:59pm US Eastern on a release day, we will post to Subscribe to ‘New Database Update Releases’ on that page to receive notifications.