When and how did you notify customers of this change?

We sent the following email to all customers with any web service query balance on 8/11/2016:

Dear MaxMind Customer,

Please note an upcoming change to how you purchase MaxMind service queries. No action is required on your part.

Currently, you purchase queries separately for each service. Starting September 12, you’ll fund one account with a dollar balance. Each query you make to any MaxMind service will decrement this balance. This simple approach means that you can fund one account to be used with all services.

You can select the auto-recharge option to automatically charge your payment method for additional credit when your balance falls below 25% of your most recent purchase amount.

If you have a monthly service subscription or have your query balances set to auto-renew, these options will automatically convert to auto-recharge and refresh when the balance drops below 25% of your most recent purchase. The new minimum purchase amount is $20. If you have multiple query balances in support of multiple services, these balances will be combined into a single auto-recharge amount.

Consider, for example, a customer with two $20 monthly subscriptions, one for GeoIP2 Precision City and one for minFraud Standard, each with a balance of $8 worth of queries. This would convert to $16 in query credit with an auto-recharge of $40 that refreshes when the total balance drops to $10.

This change does not affect GeoIP database purchases. As always, the site license for the database is a one-time purchase and you can subscribe to updates or purchase updates as needed.