I’ve always used “Auto-Renewal” for my purchases. Is that option still available?

Yes, the terminology has changed to Auto-Recharge, which you can use to automate the purchase of funds that may be used for any of MaxMind’s data services.

Note that, instead of purchasing queries, you will now fund your account with a specific dollar amount. This dollar amount is equivalent to the total dollar value of queries you specified when you purchased the service. Additionally, your account will now automatically refresh when your balance falls to 25% of the last amount charged.

Let’s say you currently have an auto-renewal set for the minFraud Standard service to add 50,000 ($250) queries when it drops below 500 ($2.50) queries and another auto-renewal set for the GeoIP2 Precision City service to add 50,000 ($20) queries when it drops to 50 ($0.02) queries. With our new auto-recharge process, these have been combined into a single auto-recharge at the combined value so we will now add $270 of credit when the value of credits drops to 25% of $270, or $67.50. The result will be that we are not recharging as frequently and it will be easier to reconcile your purchases.

If you use the Pay-As-You-Go option, you’ll receive an email when your account balance is at 25% of your last purchase. For example, if you last funded your account with $100, MaxMind will send you a notification when your balance drops below $25. You’ll need to return to the account page to purchase additional funds for your account.