What can I do if I believe MaxMind’s GeoIP data is incorrect?

Make sure that the data you’re referencing is up to date. Many times, discrepancies between your actual location and the location MaxMind is reporting has to do with out-of-date data. To view the data we currently return, please use either the GeoIP2 Precision: City service demo or the GeoIP2 City database demo.


Find out if the data that you believe is incorrect is either GeoLite or GeoIP data. GeoLite2 is our free data offering, and it is less accurate than our commercial GeoIP Legacy and GeoIP2 products. If the GeoIP2 data is incorrect, then there may be a need for us to make a correction.


Submit a Correction Request. If our online demo returns data that you believe to be incorrect, you can submit a correction request here. If you are able to note any supporting documentation in your request, that can help to corroborate the information we’re receiving. (Please note: if a location correction only needs to be applied to our free GeoLite data, please be sure to specifically note this when submitting your correction, or your request may be rejected.)

We reserve the right to refuse any correction request, for any reason. However, if our data is somehow affecting your ability to use a service, and we have not accepted your request, please contact us by email at support@maxmind.com.