Why didn’t you accept my correction? I am physically located in a particular city.

Most likely one of two situations is occurring:

You share a public IP address with other people who are spread out over a wide area.
This may happen depending on how your ISP or your company’s Network Administrator routes its traffic. If we believe most of the end users are located in one location, we may geolocate the IP there. Alternatively, we may blank the city or the city and region if the users are spread out over a large enough area.
Your ISP quickly re-allocates its IP pool over a wide area.
If you are in Fresno, California, but three days later your IP may be allocated to someone in Sacramento or Bakersfield, it doesn’t make sense to update our database.

There is an accuracy radius output returned by our City-level geolocation data which can help quantify how spread out the users of a given IP are. It gives the average distance (in kilometers) any given user is from the latitude and longitude coordinates we return for the IP.

More information about the accuracy radius can be found here.