RE: Phase-Out of MaxMind’s Affiliate Program

Dear MaxMind Affiliate,

As you know, MaxMind, Inc. (“MaxMind”) operates a program whereby companies that MaxMind accepts as affiliates have the opportunity to earn commissions for customers they refer to MaxMind (the “Affiliate Program”). MaxMind thanks you for your participation as an affiliate in the Affiliate Program.

For operational and other reasons, MaxMind has decided to phase out the Affiliate Program. As an initial step in the phase-out, MaxMind will stop accepting customer referrals as of November 16, 2016.  Hence, as of November 16, 2016, you will no longer be able to refer new customers to MaxMind in exchange for a commission through the Affiliate Program.

With respect to customers you have referred prior to November 16, 2016, MaxMind will continue to credit affiliate accounts and pay commissions for such referrals per the terms of the Affiliate Program. Under the Affiliate Program, most referrals generate a commission for the referring affiliate equal to thirty percent (30%) of the revenue from the referred customer’s qualifying purchases for a period of up to two years.  Qualifying purchases include subscriptions to MaxMind’s GeoIP web services and databases and minFraud services and do not include subscriptions to MaxMind’s telephone verification or telephone number identification services.

If you have questions regarding the phase-out or the Affiliate Program, please contact