How do I set up an Auto-Recharge subscription for purchasing service credit?

You can enable the Auto-Recharge option in either your shopping cart, or in your account portal [login required]. Service credit is required for querying minFraud and/or GeoIP2 Precision web services. The Auto-Recharge automates the purchase of service credit by billing your payment method on file to top up your account whenever your balance reaches only 25% remaining of your Auto-Recharge amount. This helps to prevent service disruptions due to running out of credit.

For example, if you make a purchase of $100 in service credit and enable the auto-recharge, your Auto-Recharge amount will be set to $100, and your account will be billed $100 automatically going forward whenever your balance reaches only $25 in remaining service credit. You can update your Auto-Recharge amount or disable your Auto-Recharge (by switching to Pay-As-You-Go) as needed. 


If you choose the Pay-As-You-Go option instead of Auto-Recharge, you’ll receive a notification email when your account balance reaches 25% of your last purchase amount. To avoid a disruption of service, you’ll need to log into your account [login required] and purchase additional service credit before your balance runs out.

For example, if you last purchased $100 in service credit, MaxMind will send you the notification when your remaining balance reaches $25.